New in July - concept status with history resource in the RxNorm API
  • RxNav

    RxNav is a browser for several drug information sources, including RxNorm and RxTerms. RxNav finds drugs in RxNorm from the names and codes in its constituent vocabularies.

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  • RxNav-in-a-Box

    RxNav-in-a-Box provides users with a locally-installable version of RxNav, RxClass and RESTful companion APIs, including RxNorm, RxTerms, RxClass, RxCUI history and drug-drug interactions.

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  • APIs

    Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are available to users to retrieve data from several drug information sources, including RxNorm and RxTerms.

    Currently there are six APIs available - RxNorm, Prescribable RxNorm, RxClass, RxTerms, RxCUI History and Drug Interaction

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  • RxMix

    RxMix is a web application that allows users to combine functions from five APIs to create custom applications that can be run interactively or in a batch mode.

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  • RxClass

    The RxClass Browser is a web application for exploring and navigating through the class hierarchies to find the RxNorm drug members associated with each class.

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RxNav brand names

New! Concept Status with History Resource

A new concept status with history resource is available in the RxNorm API. This replaces the /status resource, which is deprecated. In addition, the RxCUI History API is deprecated because the history information is now included in the new resource. Details

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Drug Schedules added to RxClass

RxClass and the RxClass API have added Controlled Substance Act (CSA) drug schedules as a drug classification system. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) places all substances which were in some manner regulated under existing federal law into one of five schedules.

SNOMED CT classes added to RxClass

In October 2019, SNOMED CT was added to RxClass and the RxClass API as a drug classification system, along with ATC, the MED-RT system, MeSH pharmacologic actions and the VA (VANDF) classes. SNOMED CT contributes two new class types, “disposition” (similar to mechanism of action), and (chemical) structure. SNOMED CT also provides a source of drug-class relations for these classes. (Therapeutic role classes from SNOMED CT are not integrated into RxClass.) We are grateful to SNOMED International for making the SNOMED CT drug classes available to RxClass and the RxClass API.

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