Transition from NDF-RT to MED-RT
The last version of the National Drug File Reference Terminology (NDF-RT) was released in February 2018. The Medication Reference Terminology (MED-RT) is the evolutionary successor to NDF-RT. The changes to RxNav and RxClass below are expected to be in place on June 4, 2018.

Changes to Applications

RxNav and RxClass will change because of the NDF-RT to MED-RT transition.

Changes to APIs

The NDF-RT API will continue to be available until September 2018. At that time we will determine if there is a need to keep it active for a longer period or retire it.
There are no plans for development of a MED-RT API.

On June 4, 2018, the RxClass API and RxClass web application started using the MED-RT data. Impacts on RxClass API users are:
To find the drugs that "may_treat" chronic hepatitis B, the RESTful query using NDF-RT class id was:
The new query uses the MeSH identifier and specifies MEDRT instead of NDFRT:

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