RxNav Updates
Last modified: June 14, 2018

Search by NDC

NDC status information is given when searching by NDC and the NDC is not currently active. In cases where the NDC is obsolete, RxNav will provide the concept information of the concept the NDC was last mapped to. NDCs that are out of scope for RxNorm, but are contained in other drug vocabularies are also handled by displaying the status information of the concept the NDC is associated with.

----- The following was added on June 4, 2018 -----

Class View changes

The class view tab contains a number of changes due to the transition from NDF-RT to MED-RT class data. Changes include:

NDF-RT tab removed

The NDF-RT tab was removed as RxNav no longer accesses the NDF-RT API.

----- The following was added on January 10, 2018 -----

New Search Types Added

Four new search types were added: ANADA, BLA, HCPCS and NADA

----- The following was added on September 14, 2017 -----

Status View Added

A tab labeled Status was added to provide status and historical information about the searched concept.

Search by GPI

RxNav users can now search by Generic Product Identifier (GPI) from the Master Drug Data Base.

----- The following was added on October 27, 2016 -----

Table Downloads

Download buttons were added to the RxNorm Properties, NDC, RxTerms, NDF-RT, Pill Images and Interaction views so that users can download the information in the tables to their computers. A comma-separated-field text file is generated that can be imported into a spreadsheet.
Download button

Historical NDC Table

As part of the NDC tab, the historical NDC table was added which provides a history of the NDCs that have been part of the selected concept. Included in the table are NDC information of concepts that were remapped to the selected concept.

Table View Added

RxNav graph views
As part of the RxNorm Graph tab, the table view provides the same information as the classic view, but in a single table.

----- The following was added on July 27, 2016 -----

RxNav 2.0 web version replaces Java version

RxNav has been re-implemented as a web application, replacing the java application of RxNav which existed for ten years. Though the web version was created to be very similar to the java application, a number of changes were made which are listed here.